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Make.com is an automation platform automation and we will use it for this simple example of setting up a webhook for automation

Initial Setup

  1. After creating a free account on Make.com you can then create a new scenario.

  2. The first module in the scenario, the module that will trigger the automation, will be the Webhook module. We will be using the Custom Webhook trigger.

  3. After adding the module, click the Create webhook button and name your webhook. Name your webhook appropriately so you can come back to it later and know what the webhook is connected to. For this example, I will name it "Tango App - Proposal Accepted".

  4. After saving your new webhook, the webhook endpoint URL will be generated for you. This is the endpoint URL Tango will send data to.

  5. Now you have your endpoint URL copy it to your clipboard and go to your Tango settings. Under the integrations heading you will see the Add webhook button.

  6. Paste your endpoint URL in the URL field and select which events you wish to listen to. For this example we are listening to the Proposal Accepted event.

  7. After adding this webhook, Tango will then send any Proposal Accepted events to your endpoint and send the Proposal as a JSON object.

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