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πŸš€How to use Tango as a client
πŸš€How to use Tango as a client

Request, chat, pay and track all in one place

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Projects or engagements with your service provider are going to run much more efficiently and transparently now that you are both using Tango!

No more switching between software applications πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Here is what you can do on Tango:

  • View invoices and pay: Scroll to the payment section on the proposal or click the invoices icon on the right hand tool bar.

  • Make a request: Click the chat icon on the right hand tool bar to get in contact with your service provider to request an update or something new!

  • Request a change: You can request a change to a signed proposal by clicking the "request change" button in the top right.

  • Activity log: View key events that have occured during the course of the project such as when the proposal was signed or when a change was requested.

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